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A resource for the big-hearted man that wants to become a more effective father and partner.

Feel Safe, Secure, and Confident in Life

Feeling close and connected in the world is hard. Heal the pain you’ve been through and transform it into an instrument of power and purpose.

Don’t Let Your Heartbreak Go to Waste

Emotions aren't your enemy. When wisely harnessed, they offer great power and potential to unlock hidden gifts that reveal your Divine purpose.

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Be a true force for good that inspires your family and community to be the best version of themselves, living the purpose you were born to fulfill.


Great to meet you. I’m Michael.

Attachment Trauma Expert, Relationship Coach, & Founder of DeeplyUnderstood.com

I’ve been through the worst breakups. My rage was uncontrollable – almost to the point of doing things I can’t mention here.

I couldn’t control my thoughts and emotions. Everything felt depressing. Even worse, I felt lonely even when friends were around.

This sent me on a 20-year journey of deeper work, exploring dating and pickup, personal development, NLP, hypnosis, attachment remedies, and more.

Over the years, I ended up working with clients and developing my own model that generated lasting results. I’ve seen too many great men ruin their lives because of heartbreak and miss out on their greatest opportunities. For this reason, I created the Inner Game of Man Program to help these men become deeply understood.

I am here for you. Let’s chat. 

Work Privately with Michael Mojica

Starting at $500

1-on-1 Private Sessions

Emergency restorative 50-minute guiding sessions to find emotional relief with Michael over Zoom or in person in North Carolina.


Inner Game Training

Online group Zoom segments that give men the tools they need to grow their confidence, improve their conversational skills, and be naturally charismatic.


On-Call Voice Support

You can’t say “I have no one to turn to who can help me,” ever again. Work with Michael on an on-call basis through private streaming anytime, any place.


Recovery Bootcamp

Deep-Dive Diagnosis & Optimization

Its time to start recovering from heartbreak and picking up the pieces. As your mentor, I work closely with you to understand the trauma behind your pain and identify areas of your life that we can stabilize so you have a chance to heal, recover, and grow into best version of yourself.


12-Month Transformation Program

Foundations of Inner Game

Trauma has the power to transform. This twelve-month course builds on top of your deep-dive diagnosis, giving you a sturdy foundation for success. Together, we identify and repair twelve crucial pillars that support aspects of your life ranging from stress management to finances.

The Inner Game of Man

Master Training to Guide You Through the Healing Process to a Future of Purpose and Fulfillment

You won’t find anything else like this on the market because this training is customized to your specific heartbreak, struggles, attachment trauma, and goals.

Your journey starts with the 90-day recovery bootcamp. Here, you’ll get one-on-one mentorship with me, your personal attachment trauma expert and healer, as we address the immediate source of your pain and take crucial steps to keep your life from falling apart. 

The next phase is a 12-month transformation program designed to help you work through the grieving process. Now that your life is no longer spiraling out of control, I will guide you through daily hypnotic healing sessions and twelve unique modules that give you all the tools to succeed at relationships, career growth, mental and physical health, finances, self-confidence, motivation, and more.

Finally, inner game training connects you to a supportive community of men pursuing similar journeys and goals. Skill-building group sessions every month sharpen the tools you learned in the previous training phases and provide you with additional resources, lessons, legacy projects, and a stable emotional support system for any challenge life throws at you next.

What My Clients Say About Me

Guided Through the Depths of Despair
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"I was well past divorce and into my 40's before heartbreak really showed up in my life. Devastating, physically painful, can't-sleep-for-days type of experience. Michael showed up for me right in the thick of it. He guided me into feeling the depths of existential despair and longing that this broken relationship exposed. Nothing changed quickly, but I emerged on the other side with a new sense of purpose. Eventually, I even felt gratitude for what the experience showed me about life and my place in it."

S.P., Senior Scientist

A Deeper Sense of Connection & Ease
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“I’ve already gotten such a deep benefit from working with Michael. He is an exquisite tracker of consciousness. I really appreciate the nuance with which he was able to show me how to connect with and move subtle thoughts and feelings inside of me. He was able to notice and communicate things I hadn’t even noticed about myself, giving me a deeper sense of self connection and ease of moving energy and emotions in my body. I look forward to continuing to grow with Michael’s support.”

N.R., Business Consultant


Our "No Man Left Behind" Guarantee

Overall, my goal through Deeply Understood services and programs is to create empowerment and move you out of victimhood. If you show up for every part of our sessions, fill out the forms, send in the assignments, and by the end of the program can say with a straight face that you aren’t getting the value you came for, you can get your money back.

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