Foundations of Inner Game

12-Month Transformation Program

Once you’ve completed the three-month bootcamp, you’re ready for the next step. Now that we’ve had a chance to get to know one another on a deep, personal level, we’ve identified the trouble points in your life — the cracks in your foundation, the leaks causing damage every time you face a downpour of heartbreak, the weak points compromising your structural integrity.

I’ll teach you how to rebuild your foundation from the ground up so it will be stronger than ever.

This year-long course builds upon the recovery bootcamp to address all of those issues with meaningful change. I’m not just giving you the tools to temporarily patch the cracks and holes in your life — I’ll teach you how to rebuild your foundation from the ground up so it will be stronger than ever. No matter what kind of hurricane life throws at you, you’ll have the knowledge, resources, willpower, and strength to withstand it without bending or breaking.

Foundations of Inner Game teaches through exercises and repetition to hardwire the lessons into your routine. No memorization, standardized tests, or abstract concepts — you’ll build these new skills over time until they become part of your everyday life.

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12-Month Transformation Program Includes:

One building block module per month for twelve consecutive months
A daily hypnotic session that changes per month to reflect the module material
One-on-one coaching with a personalized plan based on your results from bootcamp
Bi-monthly two-hour interactive group coaching sessions for skill-building

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You Deserve Feeling Good Again

  • Learn how to manage stress, which is the biggest killer of relationships, confidence, and mental fortitude
  • Open your mind to new possibilities and untapped potential
  • Lay the groundwork and expectations for a healthy lifestyle and ideal future
  • Harmonize your mind so all of your thoughts and goals are moving in the right direction
  • Understand the importance of wealth and how it impacts the resources available to you
  • Identify and correct bad spending habits
  • Develop a healthy worldview of how to manage your finances wisely
  • Build financial security so you don’t have to stress about taxes, mortgages, bills, food, school, childcare, etc.
  • Create a clear, reasonable plan for setting goals
  • Learn how to differentiate between productive, achievable goals versus self-destructive or unobtainable goals
  • Ditch the drifter mindset and become a strategic goal-setter with control over your life
  • Streamline your thoughts and tune out distractions that have prevented you from reaching your goals in the past
  • Develop and nurture a healthy, positive state of mind
  • Understand how to learn from your past mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future
  • Learn methods to manage stress, failure, heartbreak, and setbacks in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you
  • Build a subconscious will to “roll with the punches” and continue moving forward no matter what
  • Identify the bad habits that are causing you to stumble on your road to success, even if they seem small and harmless
  • Redirect your mental energy away from bad habits and negative thoughts and focus on advancing toward your goals instead
  • Create an actionable plan to consciously correct bad habits and learned behaviors
  • Learn how to self-analyze your actions so you’re equipped to notice, identify, and fix future bad habits
  • Understand how self-esteem shapes our lives, relationships, successes, and failures
  • Learn and practice lessons that are designed to build your self-confidence so you develop the mindset of a winner
  • Recognize negative thoughts about yourself and retrain your mind to emphasize positive thoughts instead
  • Grow your sense of self-worth and overall confidence in everything you do
  • Develop methods to overcome procrastination and stay productive
  • Build the psychological energy that you need to feel motivated and excited about your goals
  • Understand the critical connection between motivation and success
  • Retrain your brain to stop saying, “I’ll do that later” and start taking progressive, immediate action
  • Examine the positive and negative experiences of your past and understand how they impacted you
  • Break out of the victim role and learn to reflect on past events as someone who wants to learn lessons and grow as a person
  • Utilize the good and bad aspects of your past as motivation
  • Come to terms with past experiences that were outside of your control and forgive yourself so you can move on
  • Learn how to tune into your unique body to keep it as healthy and functional as it can be
  • Understand the connection between your physical and mental well-being and how they can vitalize or deteriorate each other if one is unhealthy
  • Develop the self-awareness to identify if your body and/or mind falls out of sync
  • Harmonize every aspect of your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness for optimal health
  • Stop making excuses for your emotions and start taking control over how you feel and react in situations
  • Find healthy outlets to relieve pressure when you’re under extreme stress
  • Create a stable state of mind that maintains inner peace, tranquility, and control
  • Learn to adopt an inside-out approach and remember that growth and stability happen on the inside when you regain control and find balance
  • Explore how you typically interact with other people, what you expect from them, and what they expect from you
  • Develop a foundation for healthier relationships in every situation — romantic, familial, professional, friendship, career, etc.
  • Improve your communication skills and become an active listener for better two-way communication
  • Learn how to resolve mistakes in a healthy, productive way that repairs damaged relationships and rebuilds trust
  • Become an adept problem-solver capable of applying creative solutions to any roadblock in your way
  • Take inspiration from some of the greatest minds in history and uncover their secrets to success
  • Learn how to take your training even further and continue growing your potential
  • Understand your purpose and work to create a meaningful legacy that leaves a positive, lasting change for your family and community
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