Deep-Dive Diagnosis & Optimization

Recovery Bootcamp

A devastating breakup feels like someone pulled the ground out from under your feet and now you’re spiraling with no lifeline to cling to.

You need much more than a self-help book or new hobby to try and distract your mind.

I’ll be honest with you it’s impossible to develop meaningful relationships with others until you learn to understand, accept, and love yourself first.

Achieving that higher state of mind requires deep, honest reflection. You have to forgive yourself before you can start training to get your life back on track and keep it on course. 

That’s where I come in.

This three-month, intensive bootcamp is customized to help you master your domain, raise your standards, find integrity with yourself and the world, and discover your true purpose in life so you can leave behind a legacy worth remembering. 

Made for you

90-Day Recovery Bootcamp Course Includes:

A two-hour introductory session
One-on-one mentorship with me as your attachment trauma expert
An in-depth examination of your life, including relationships, finances, health, etc.
Thirty minutes each week to review a highly detailed recovery checklist and identify opportunities to optimize your life
Forty-five minutes of emotional support every week to provide a safe, judgment-free outlet for your emotional trauma
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