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I’m Michael Mojica

I know what it feels like to be trapped in a dark place because I’ve been there myself. A cumulation of past trauma, self-destructive behavior, and depression sent me spiraling every time a relationship failed. But I picked myself back up and started a twenty-year journey exploring trauma, attachment theory, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, and more. I had a choice — I could evolve, or I could let myself fall apart. I learned to stop masking symptoms of trauma and start delving deeper to understand myself in order to properly heal.

Along the way, I developed my own model for success. I became a relationship coach and applied the lessons I’d learned to help other men recover from breakups, reevaluate their behaviors, and heal from trauma they had suppressed a long time ago. I believe a big heart shouldn’t bring a lot of pain. And now, I’m here for you.

Attachment Theory Expert

My background in attachment theory and attachment trauma gives me the tools and resources to take a strategic, science-backed approach and implement impactful changes that will have lifelong effects. I stay up to date with the latest methods and developments in the field of mental health.

Attachment Trauma Healer

When trauma is repressed, it takes a highly attuned healer to unravel your barriers and dig into the root of the problem. As an attachment trauma healer, I’m equipped for the task. I’ll help you uncover your trauma so you can begin the healing process the correct way — from the ground up.

Transformation Coach

Identifying the source of your trauma is only part of the equation. With over two decades of experience, I’ve explored and implemented the most effective treatment plans to finally resolve those feelings of inadequacy, frustration, and failure once and for all. Your wounds don’t have to define you anymore.

My Method

If you’re here to put a quick bandage on a broken relationship, you’re in the wrong place. My method goes much deeper than those superficial fixes. I take a scientific, neuroscience-driven approach to investigate what makes you tick and how to optimize your life and become the highest version of yourself.

How did past trauma impact your unconscious perceptions? How did your formative years shape your current thoughts, behaviors, and emotions? What negative, self-destructive habits do you need to train yourself to unlearn?

Dealing with all of this alone is overwhelming. My personalized approach includes live training sessions, group coaching, and — most importantly — a reliable support system designed to guide you out of the victim role and into a healthier, happier place of self-confidence.


Work with Michael Mojica

You aren’t alone on your journey anymore. I’m here as your friend, coach, attachment theory expert, mentor, and attachment trauma expert.

I offer a range of services designed to fit your individual lifestyle, challenges, goals, and needs. Book private sessions or on-call voice support for a one-on-one approach to identify and heal relationship trauma. If you do better in a community setting, in-person and online inner game development sessions are available so you can form connections with other men embarking on similar journeys.

If you’re really serious about rebuilding your life, I offer three-month and twelve-month mentorship courses designed to take an intense, microscopic look into your life and create a blueprint to guide you as you clean up your relationships, career goals, health, finances, self-worth, and other aspects of your life.

Your goals are my priority. Stop wasting valuable time and money on quick-fix, one-size-fits-all solutions that might provide temporary relief but don’t actually work in the long run. Partner with me, and you’ll finally see results.

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