The Inner Game of Man

Surviving Heartbreak Can Be One of the Most Devastating Times of a Man’s Life.

The End of a Relationship Can Result in...

Devastating emotional pain that negatively impacts your physical and mental wellbeing on every level

Harmful coping behaviors such as binge drinking that hurt you and everyone who cares about you

Shattered self-esteem that strips your confidence and leaves you feeling like you’ll never be enough

Attachment trauma causing a biological transformation so powerful that it causes physical agony

Psychological turmoil of feeling as if your life is spiraling out of control and your wounds will never heal

Obsessively fixating on your former partner, which prevents you from focusing on your own needs

Your Pain Is Real. It Hurts... But It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way.

Too often, men in pain are told to “suck it up” and “be a real man.”

But here’s a secret—real men DO feel pain. And it can be so intense that it takes your breath away and makes simple tasks such as getting out of bed almost impossible. There’s simply no way to brush off such a monumental upheaval in your life and continue on with any sense of normalcy. Not without help.

Trying to bury emotional pain is a recipe for generational trauma that gets passed down and amplified through negative attitudes, unhealthy behaviors, and broken relationships. If you’re a father, or you hope to be one someday, that isn’t the kind of legacy you want to leave for your children.

What if I told you that you could break that cycle? Right here, right now. Having a big, open heart may seem like a curse at the moment, but it has the potential to become one of your greatest gifts as you move through the healing process.


Master Training for Men Going Through Heartbreak to Turn Pain Into Purpose​

Reprogram Your Mind

Create a positive, stable state of mind that opens your eyes so you can learn from past mistakes and be prepared for any future turmoil. You’ll have the tools to face challenges without feeling overwhelmed.

Break Bad Habits

Learn how to identify and correct bad habits that are sabotaging your chance for success. Invest your energy into setting and achieving goals, building wealth, pursuing happiness, and growing your self-confidence.

Build Fulfilling Relationships for Life​

Develop a proven, time-tested foundation to nurture strong relationships in all aspects of your life: romance, family, friendship, career, and professional. Healthy relationships yield powerful rewards.

Create a Legacy That Makes You Proud

Be a positive force of change for your community. Whether you’re a father, an aspiring dad, or a mentor, you have the power to shape the next generation for the better with the lessons you’ve learned.

Dont Give Up! We Are Here to Help


90-Day Recovery Bootcamp

The goal of this program is to uncover the root causes of your pain and understand how they’re negatively affecting your life while equipping you to address the issues.

  • One-on-one mentorship with me, your attachment trauma expert
  • Examine past trauma and other sources of pain
  • Identify areas of your life that need to be optimized
  • Develop a plan to address your relationships, finances, health, and more
  • Learn how to master your domain and live with integrity
  • Understand your life’s purpose and what kind of legacy you want to leave behind

12-Month Transformation Program

This Inner Game of Man training expands upon the lessons you learned in the Recovery Bootcamp course, giving you twelve crucial pillars that will build a rock-solid foundation for a purposeful life.

  • Learn how to manage stress
  • Understand financial stability and practices that will increase your wealth
  • Break bad habits and set meaningful goals
  • Harmonize your mind and body for optimal health and success
  • Get the tools to build lasting relationships for the rest of your life
  • Unlock your self-confidence, motivation, and full potential



Inner Game Training

Group skill-building sessions connect you to a positive community of men who have also completed the bootcamp and transformation programs. Keep the skills, lessons, and tools you learned in the previous trainings sharpened for peak performance.

  • Participate in virtual skill-building sessions to keep you at the top of your game
  • Maintain accountability and progress on your legacy projects
  • Access additional lessons, resources, networking opportunities, and more
  • Build an emotional support system with like-minded men who understand your pain
  • Give and receive advice, encouragement, wisdom, and inspiration
  • Get elite-level support for any new challenges that arise